Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Trip

I finally have some time to write, so I have to catch up on the last couple of days

Several months ago, a statewide quilt shop hop was announced for the State of Minnesota. Over 90 shops are included and the hop will go on for 17 days (August 3-19). For those of us who quilts, this sounded like the greatest thing since sliced bread. (When was the last time you heard that?) Planning began. Maps were obtained, towns and cities marked and routes were planned. Vacation time was scheduled and all was prepared!

But first, work intervened! I have to be in Minneapolis on the 3rd for a work related trip. So my trip will begin there.

I am sometimes directionally challenged. My sis has a really neat gizmo in her car (a Honda, by the way) that finds places and directs you there. My vehicle does not have this. But Garmin to the rescue. The company makes a GPS system that can be used on a laptop and it has been great. A very nice female voice gives excellent prompts and you arrive at your destination. The one drawback that I have found to planning this trip is that the programming does not plan your trip for efficient traveling. You have to do that yourself. Garmin, if you are reading, that would be a great addition.

So on Friday, Aug 3rd, I begin my Quilt Minnesota shop hop.