Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 4

Day 4

I did not make it to Tower in time to hit the shop here, so spent the night and 'opened' the North Country Quilts in the morning. All of the fabrics are nicely displayed, with lots of samples. Some of the fabrics are ones that I have seen no where else. Antique atmosphere in this old store on the main street. Owner has supplies for hand quilting and I am able to pick up an English thimble for a very reasonable price. Now I can take some handwork with me on my travels and won't have to worry all the time about losing my one and only thimble that fits.

After a very long drive, the next shop that I arrive at is Quilter's Corner in International Falls. Avery nice shop, large and the fabrics and samples are well displayed, More of Shelley's tablerunners. Lots of nice fabrics and patterns on sale. Nice selection of Christmas fabrics. This shop's Quilt Minnesota sample is quite nice. I know that this shop is a long drive, but come on shop hoppers, the quest is part of the fun. Don't always pick the low-hanging fruit!

The land begins to flatten out and I am seeing fewer trees and more farm fields with wheat (I think) and sunflowers. Driving past a field of sunflowers traveling west, the yellow is so bright it is almost blinding. ( The flowers face to the east.) Quilt S'more in Roseau has recently moved to a cottage style home. I am really sorry, that for some crazy reason, I do not have a picture. There were quilts hanging on the porch rail of the house and it looked so cozy. The fabrics are very well displayed and there are quite a few samples to see. Lots of room. Well worth the drive!

Sorry, no picture.

Cloud 9 Quilt Shoppe in Thief River Falls is next. Easy to find on a main street, this is a small shop. Still, I run into someone with Iowa ties. Mix of fabrics, small selection, due to the size of the shop. Friendly and helpful.

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