Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slowly Working on Celtic Solstice Quilt

I suppose that I should sit down and put together a post so that I can get it on the Linky with Bonnie's Quiltville blog.  I have been slowly working on making blocks for this years mystery quilt, with slowly being the operative word.  I actually did get a couple of blocks made and put together on New Years Day and then things really slowed down.  This is what I had at the the end of New Years.

See what I did there?  Turned the points on the chevrons in and made the block a star.  I did not even think about it until someone brought it to my attention after I posted the picture on Facebook!  I'll be honest, it just seem to want to go together that way.  After observing the discussion on the Facebook page from the other quilters, I have decided to to the quilt with some of the chevron block both ways.  One of the other quilters is making an 9x9 block quilt the same size as mine and is putting a 'star' block at the center and then alternating with the 'correct' block out from there.  Her quilt looks great and so I am borrowing her idea.

So making the quilt bigger means making more blocks.  Back to the cutting table and the sewing machine.  I am finished with the blocks with the blue star points and I am currently working on more of the chevrons.  Here is a pic of what I currently have completed and on the design wall.

I think that the colors are very cheerful!  I do think that I will cut down any more of the really pale green as it looks really washed out in the pictures and sort of breaks the design of the diamond in the block.  I'm still debating about the border color.  I have lots of greens but after having seen some of the quilts with blue borders, I like them too.  I guess that I will need to see more of the design of the total quilt before making that decision.

The process is slow as do not have much time during the week to work on the sewing.  But now that I have most of the components of the larger block complete, even a little work will result in a block or two being put together.

I have enjoyed seeing the other quilter's work in the links with Bonnie's blog.  I really like some of the different color combinations.  Maybe next year I will branch out and try different colors.

Another reason that the quilting thing was slowed down was this handsome guy.  He spent several days at my house at Christmas and of course you don't get much sewing done when you are playing!

I will be looking forward to the Link up next Month so see all of the finished quilts!   Go see all the fantastic work that has been done so far here