Friday, July 29, 2011

The first afternoon

There never seems to be a really good way to do this hop without doing a lot of backtracking. I need to take into account which of the shops close later, so that I don't waste time doing them early in the day. The first year that the shop hop was done in 2007, the passport had the hours printed on it and that was very helpful. It also was several pages long and I was always worried that I would forget or lose one of the pages!

That being said, the next shop in Glad Creations. This shop had numerous kits that feature the Glad Creations patterns. I really like scrappy quilts and these really fit that idea. The shop is pretty crowded, the upstairs is roomy and quiet and has lots and lots of sample quilts. All the sale fabric is upstairs. The also have a great selection of thimbles for those of us who do handwork.

I thought that a quilt at the beginning of each post might be kind of fun. I did manage to get a few quilts actually finished this year. A guild show has a tendency to focus the mind a little. I had also thought that I would be able to get a few more pictures of Minnesota fabric projects, but I am getting some funny looks when I ask if I can photograph.

More backtracking. First I go west and then back east in order to go south, sounds like fun right. Thank goodness for GPS devices. I did get a new one this year, but even it doesn't have some of the addresses.

The Quilt Cove is one of the places that the GPS can't find. This shop is overflowing with fabric. There is fabric on shelves and tables and all over the floor. The have a nice notions wall and I pick up a magnetic quilt hanger. I really want to give this a try, I have lots of wall hangings and they are of various sizes, so I would like to see if this will work to help me get some of them hung up and displayed.

Rosemount is the next shop. Quilter's Haven is in new digs. This shop seems to be moving up and down the street since I was first here several years ago. The new shop's signage is not very easy to see from 146th St. and it is easy to miss. The new store is very nice, with lots of garment samples to enjoy. New place is also larger (or at least it seems larger to me) and displays are easy to see and walk around.

I am off to another shop that is not on the GPS! What is the deal? You would think that for as much as you spend on those things that they would be able to find a needle in a haystack. Oh well. Fabric Town is the place to be if you are into Civil War reproduction fabrics. Of course, they have a lot of other things, but an extensive selection of repros. They have a very nice display of the items made with the hop fabric as well.

Now off to the west side of the cities. Eagle Creek Quilt Shop is in an old depot. The display quilt with the MN fabrics looks like a great scrap quilt. No pattern or directions yet, will be looking forward to those. I really love quilts were you can use up a lot of 'leftovers'. This shop also has some nice landscaping. They are also offering smocking classes. Haven't seen much of that since I left southern Kansas.

My GPS finally(!!!) came through for me. I was able to get to Waconia and the Heavenly Patchwork Quilt shop in record time on a road with almost no traffic after 3 PM on a Friday. How's that for good, Very friendly shop, I am greeted as soon as I walk in the door. Lots of samples and patterns and the shop also sells sewing machines. This shop is worth the drive.
Sorry, forgot the picture.

Backtracking, again! I arrive at the Blue Bamboo just as everyone is leaving. They are nice enough to open the store up and stamp my passport. Thanks! I do need to stop back because I am looking for a couple of batiks, and this store probably has the most of any that I have seen. They also carry a lot of oriental fabrics and do a large mail-order business.

The only other store on the northwest side of Minneapolis/St. Paul that is open late today is Cottage Quilts and Fabrics in Elk River. Lots of different kinds of fabrics, they always have a cute display of baby quilts. This shop has a very nice classroom area. Guess that I am really getting tired because I drive off and forget to get a picture of the shop and it's new sign. Sorry 'bout that folks.

Minnesota State Quilt Shop Hop version 5

Well, Minnesota quilt shop hop starts again. I have been asked by my niece if I am planning to blog again this year. I do think that will be a little easier since I am now able to dictate my notes instead of typing. I am an extremely slow typist.

I started my trip this year at a new shop in Anoka, Minnesota. This is the first year that Millie P's is on the shop hop. It is kind of fun to be able to start the Minnesota shop hop at a brand-new shop. This shop had a really cute area display of items made with Minnesota State shop hop fabric. They also had quite a few very nice samples and displays. I do think that it helps to see a sample pattern constructed. Even if you don't use the same fabrics, it still gives you a good idea of what you can do with your fabric.

In addition the shop is next door to a small coffee House and across the street from an antique shop. This new shop is on Anoka's Main Street. And it is quite easy to find.

The next shop on the hop is Fat Quarter Quilting in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. This shop moved to a larger space in the same shopping mall last year. They have an excellent display of batiks, and I am able to find a border fabric that I have on my list. This year I decided to be a little more organized, and made a list of various fabrics, patterns, etc. that I was looking for, so that I had a better idea of what I needed. Unfortunately, the computer at the store was not working properly and they were unable to take my credit card. Lucky for me, I had some cash on hand to spend today.

I have a couple of options at this point. I can go to Rush City so that I can finish all of the shops in the Central East section, or I can skip Rush City and go the shop in Blaine. The decision will be made on time. I will have to take nearly 2 hours for a round trip to Rush City, so on to Blaine it is.

The Calla Lily Quilt Shop and Gifts is a smaller shop on the hop. They always have some nice samples made of the hop fabric. The quilts that they have this year are the pattern Sidelights and a pattern by a shop designer. I did try to get some photos but couldn't

The two shops in White Bear Lake are next. Parking here is always interesting, as there is a huge farmer's market in the downtown area as well. Too bad I don't live closer, I would really like to get some of this produce.

Rosebud's Cottage is the first of the shops that I go to, simply because I can park the closest. This shop has a lot of crafting items as well, including some vintage bottle caps! They have lots of small project made with the shop hop fabric kitted. Unfortunately, I also am here with a bus! Lots and lots of people.

Walking down the street and past the farmer's market, I arrive at Bear Patch Quilting Co. This shop always seems to have some great samples made from the Minnesota fabrics, and this year does not disappoint. Several cute 'non-quilty' sample like aprons are among the offerings. This shop has a wide range of fabric, lots of batiks and sells sewing machines.

It is almost time for lunch. There is a great little bakery and deli just around the corner from Charlotte's Quilting Web. This shop always seems to have a lot of sale fabric, so if you're looking for bargains for backs, there you go. This shop is much quieter, no buses.

Stop for lunch, but forget the cord to download pictures in the van! That will have to wait for later. I have been checking in with Foursquare. So far the day is going a little slower than I had planned, but no worries, it is vacation and I am really trying to not stress so much. I get enough of that every day!