Monday, September 6, 2010

August 7 Day 9

I spent the night in New Ulm in order to get an early start. The plan was nearly thwarted when a thunderstorm rolled thru town and all the lights went off. Things to know - the electronic keys work even with the power off and hotel bathrooms are REALLY dark and it pays to carry a small flashlight! Luckily the lights are on but the time I want to get something to eat and the shop hop starts.

First shop on today’s rainy Saturday is the Spinning Spools Quilt Shop. I have always loved this shop and the little garden space beside it. They even have a little cafĂ© table and chairs near the doe to stop and relax. The shop also sells handmade pottery and they have kits with the fabric in a hand thrown cup. If it hadn’t been so wet, I would have stopped for a while in the garden.

The next shop, just down the street, is the Thimble Box. They have a really cute display of the Tiny Ones patterns by Shelly Robson. Smaller shop with an eclectic mix of fabrics. I also run into a couple who are attempting the entire state.

On to Mankato, my next stop! Again there are 2 shops in town which makes the stop more productive. The first shop is the Firefly Quilt Shop. This shop has mostly batiks and contemporary with a nice area of juvenile fabrics. They also have a huge classroom with numerous samples and kits for sale.

The 2nd shop in Mankato is River City Quilts. This shop is just next to the mall and it very easy to find. A bigger shop with a wide range of fabrics. They have lots of quilt samples and kits. The shop is really busy this morning, as have all of the other shops that I have been at today. I guess that everyone is out getting their hopping done this weekend.

I need to get home today so I make the decision to cut the day short and so will go to only 3 other shops before I need to be back by 3PM. On to Montgomery and Quilter’s Dream. This shop is smaller and packed with people. They have a nice classroom and an eclectic mix of fabrics. A beautiful quilt is hanging in the window, as you can see in the picture.

Next is Lonsdale and Quilting by the Hearth Quilt Shop. This shop has an extensive selection of batiks. There is a large classroom in the back of the building and a large number of bolts of sale fabrics and sale kits.

The last shop for today is Cotton Shop in Owatonna. This is a smaller shop with an eclectic mix of fabrics and a nice selection of kits. I purchase a cute mouse pincushion. I should be great for holding my thread on the tail and my needles which seem to get lost in all of the other pincushions that I use.

Back to home, with restart the shop hop tomorrow. I should be able to finish the hop tomorrow, with any luck.