Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 6

Day 6

Today I need to try to stick to the plan of 8 shops a day or I am going to get into trouble with completing all 91 shops before the end of the hop.

First shop is Quilted Ladybug. First for all of you using GPS, try using US-10 instead of highway 10 in the address you put in the system. It works, don't ask me why. This shop has many batiks, brights and some really nice samples in the classroom area. Numerous Kits and a lot of the Pieced Tree patterns. All of the shops on this trip have been carrying the Holly Taylor Northwoods designs. Off to a great start, forgot to get a picture!

Next shop is Pelican Rapids, The Fabric Stash Quilt Shop. The town has numerous decorated pelicans and is holding a quilt show in the shops in town, Try to stop to see a few. Find an openback thimble (sorry, the next to last one). A small shop, limits on selection. You can get your machines looked at here as well as shop for fabric.

I make an unscheduled detour here. My son and fiancée and her family are vacationing at Star Lake and so I stop for a rest. I t was nice to meet everyone and stand up for a while. Sounded like everyone was having a lot of fun! Looked like a nice little resort that they were staying at.

On to Bay Window Quilt Shop in Perham. It is easy to see why this shop was picked by Better Homes and Gardens, it is a very nice shop. Lots of selection of fabrics, patterns, classes. There a lot of great sample quilts and quilted items and the shop is really organized. This shop has some of everything, batiks, Orientals, reproductions, various designers, brights, baby: you name it and it is probably in Perham. Lower level here, too. Bad news, road construction again.

Quilter's Cottage in Fergus Falls is next on the list. This shop has an interesting arrangement, it is one of several shops in a larger building. Good selection, nice sale area. Lots of samples and staff is very helpful. A little hard to find.

Alexandria has 2 shops. The first one I go to is the Common Threads Quilt Shop. Parking is in the rear of the shop. The shop is on the small size, but has a good selection. Staff commented to another shopper that a shop hopper has just coming in, getting her passport stamped and leaving. Come on now folks, how rude is that! At least take the time to look at the shop, even if you don't buy anything. The next time that I do something like this (if ever!), I am going to use a hand held dictation recorder to record my thoughts and some of the fabric that I see. Quicker than writing notes.

The second shop is Stichin' Post. As you can see from the sign, it also had dolls. This shop has a more limited inventory, but still a lot of nice fabric. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Next to last stop is Sweetwater Cotton shop in Paynesville. This shop is very small, but still has a number of nice sample and a limited selection of fabrics. Did find a reproduction fabric in blue that I purchased. For the 2nd time today, I forget the picture. Another senior moment, I guess

Last shop of the day is Flying Goose Quilt Shop in New London. This shop stays open later on Thursday evenings. I would like to suggest this as an idea for the shop hop next time. Most of the hops that I have been on in the past have one evening during the hop (usually Thursday) when the shops stay open late. This would allow more people who work during the day to have a chance to make it to some of the shops. This shop is very deceiving, it looks small from the outside, but is quite large on the inside. Lots of selection, well organized, good samples. An enjoyable place to shop.

Well, I made the 8 for the day. Thanks for the folks at Flying Goose for being open late! Need to plan for the day tomorrow. Decide on the best use of time to hit the most shops!

Sorry about the delay in posting to the blog. I had a lot of trouble with the wireless internet in the hotels not working properly.

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