Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 5

Day 5

I am finally caught up with the typing! So far, so good. The tooth does not appear to be too much trouble, so will keep on hopping.

The day begins in East Grand Forks at Quilter's Eden. This little shop is in a building across the street from Cabela's, so if you have your sweetie with you, he might want to go across the street. For you guys who quilt, you might want to go across the street as well. This shop has a mix of fabrics, lot of brights, Christmas fabrics are right by the front door (it will be here before we know it). The shop has numerous Jenny Beyer fabrics on sale.

The next two stops ate in Bemidji. Emily's Country Cottage is a 'cottage' in the southern part of town. It has gift items as well a quilt fabric. Lots of country color and reproductions fabric. Lots of samples made up for some great ideas. Sale fabrics are downstairs. This is a common theme in a number of the shops, the sale fabrics are upstairs or downstairs. Fabric is nicely displayed.

Emily's Country Cottage North is in a shopping center in the north part of town. This shop has the brights, batiks and contemporary fabrics that would look out of place at the parent store. Again, lots of sample items. A quilt that will be a block of the month was displayed and was drawing a lot of attention.

On to Walker and Front Porch Quilts of Walker. The store was a little hard to find; it is down the hill by the grocery store. A small shop, they have a pretty good selection of fabrics. Nice samples displayed. The shop is a little crowded, service is very friendly

The Piecemakers Quilt Shop in Hackensack was next on the list. Town was really crowded today. The shop is just off the main highway. They have a person at the front door, who is dedicated to getting your passport stamped and seeing that you have your pattern. (Very nice) The fabrics are displayed, together in little areas, to make selection easier. It is like stepping into a little room with just batiks, baby fabrics, etc. Very nice shop.

Now on to Park Rapids. Monika's is a large fabric and yarn store. Road construction again! This is to be a common theme the rest of the trip. Lots and lots of fabric, wool, yarns, patterns, you name it! Lots of Thimbleberries fabric on sale in the front of the store and another big display of sale fabric in the back. Lots of samples on display. This store has a lot of fabric but it is not as well displayed as in some of the other stores.

Last store of the day is Back Porch Quilts in Detroit Lakes. This is a very nice store, very well laid out. Quiet and restful at the end of the day. I am able to find some coordinates for a piece of oriental fabric that I picked up earlier in the hop. Lots and lots of samples, great displays and lots of room to display the fabric. A very nice store.

I hope that the quilters in the the Moorhead area realize how many great quilt shops that they have in the region. The amount and diversity of fabrics that are in the area is really something.

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Dan said...

Looks like you had quite a trip so far! Don't leave us hanging, post the last few days for us!