Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final day

Day 12

This is the final day of the hop. I have the last 5 shops to 'hop' and then I will have completed the entire hop.

The first shop of the day is the Firefly Quilt Shop in Mankato. This shop was closed by the time I arrived on Thursday. This shop has a nice selection of oriental fabrics. They have a sample tote made with the Shop hop fabrics that I really like, but are out of the kits and the book with the patterns, so will need to look for that at the next shops. I am able to get a nice kit with oriental fabrics on sale. This shop has more of a 'arty' feel and lots of nice samples.

The next shop is the Thimble Box in New Ulm. This is a cute little shop with a side entrance that faces a lot with a garden. This must really be nice when the weather is better. It was raining all day. The shop has a nice mix of fabrics and has a nice selection of samples of items made with the shop hop fabrics. Lots of great ideas. I am able to find the pattern book that I was looking for.

Montgomery and The Quilter's Dream is the next shop on the hop. This shop is in a refurbished older building in the downtown area. This is a new shop, but has a good start with a selection of fabrics. The interior of the store is nicely done.

Quilting by the Hearth in Lonsdale is next. I have been at this shop in the past. They have a nice selection of fabrics and I find some more blue and yellow 30's fabric. This shop has a nice classroom in the back of the store. They have several samples hanging from a clothesline in the classroom.

The last shop of the hop (yeah!) is The Cotton Patch in Owattonna. The shop has a very nice selection of kits. It has a kit for a cover for your iron, so it can be packed for travel even if warm. Nice mix of fabrics in the shop.

It has been fun doing the shop hop. I'm not sure that I would do the whole thing again, but it was fun this one time. Minnesota has quite a few really nice shops.
I wish that I had thought to order the GPS for my laptop a little sooner and had some time to work with it before I left for the trip. I didn't get a chance to figure out all of the helpful features before I left and I think that the trip would have been quicker it I had more time with the program.

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