Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day o cont.

Sorry folks, I just found out the hard way that evidently you get one picture per post. I will try a smaller picture size and see if that works

The next stop was the Quilter's Courtyard in St. Paul. I have been to this shop several times. It has a nice selection of batiks and fabrics with a youthful flair. The shop had a nice selection of bags made up to look at and some great quilts on display. They also had a washable cotton/silk blend fabric that was so soft and shiny!

Getting into the shopping center where this shop is at can be kind of tricky. Be prepared to get some great ideas.

Next I went to Glad Creations. They have a great selection of finished quilts to look at. They have the Glad Creations Pattern line (obviously) and a wonderful selection of fabric. Unfortunately, a lot of them are stacked on the floor and difficult to see. This shop always has a very good amount of sale fabric upstairs, so be sure to look up there. Very helpful. Have nice selection of scissors and even thimbles for those of us who still do a little hand work.

Sorry about the picture, I did not want to walk across the street. It was kind of busy.

See their quilts on

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