Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thursday (Day 10)

Day 10
Thursday is my afternoon off, so what better way to spend it than to work on completing the Minnesota shop hop. Mankato will be the target town today.

The first stop on the list is the Old Alley Quilt Shop in Sherburn. This shop is in an old bowling alley, hence the name. This is a cute little shop with quite a nice garden out front. Things are a little dry, so some of the flowers are less than perfect. Everyone is friendly and helpful, nice selection of fabrics and some very nice samples.

Next on the list is Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shop in Worthington. This shop has sewing machines, fabrics and lots of patterns in a small shop. A large lot of sale fabrics. The shop has so much fabric that a lot of it has to sit stacked on the floor, which makes it difficult to see. Did find a bag pattern that I was looking for.

Luverne has a shop called the Sewing Basket. The shop also has machine and is a small shop. Find a nice piece of flannel which should come in handy as I would like to make a couple of jackets and the flannel is nice to using instead of batting. Very friendly staff. People are starting to notice that I am trying to make it to all of the shops and are commenting on this.

I backtrack toward Worthington to head toward Prairie Quilting in Windom. This little shop is attached to a feed store! Tight quarters, but a nice selection of fabrics and the staff is very helpful. The Southwest section special hop bookmark is completed and I am finished with my fourth section! (Another camera problem, I think that the batteries are getting low)

I thought that I could make it to New Ulm, but I did not get started as quickly as I should have. Two of the shops in Mankato are open latter today, so I will head in that direction instead. The first stop is in North Mankato at River City Quilts. This is a smallish store, but has a lot of nice samples. A meeting is being held in the classroom and they are having some show and tell. The shop has a lot batiks.

Final stop of the day is at The Quilter's Mercantile in Mankato. This shop has moved since I was last up this way, which has been a while. The shop is in a cute older building and has several rooms of fabrics, samples and patterns. Nice selection of sale items. A cute store.

That is it for today. Only 11 more shops to go!

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