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Day 2: July 31

Saturday, July 31

I first want to give a shout out to my son, Dan, who managed to get my old Garmin GPS 18 program working on my new laptop. The program is very helpful for planning trips like this, with numerous stops. You can input the info and then re-arrange the stops to get the most distance in the least time.

I make the decision to bypass some of the shops that are closer to the Twin Cities in order to get the distant shops in a couple of days. So it is up early and off to the first stop of the day at Dawn's Quilt Shop in Alexandria. Looking for a cat fabric-you can find it here. Dawn also has a great quilt made with the hop fabrics and design elements using paint sticks. Be sure to check her site to see this quilt.

Again, I can't thank the shop owners who open their shops early and stay open late for the hoppers! I know I really appreciate it and hope that all of the other shop hoppers who do too will be sure to thank the all of the shop owners.

The next shop is just a hop, skip and jump up the road, Common Thread Quilt Shop in Garfield. This shop has a great display of items with the hop fabrics, including a cozy looking robe lined with Minkee. It is too good to pass up, so I buy the pattern. Now just get it made before winter.
They also have a great display of table runners with Halloween fabrics by Pieced Tree Patterns. I always enjoy seeing Shelly's patterns in the shops.

On to northwest section of the state, and to Quilter's Cottage in Fergus Falls. This shop is kind of a hoot, as it is in a building with a appliance store in the back. If you walk past the sale fabric, you can look at a new fridge! They have a wide selection of fabrics. and have samples of Bareroots patterns. That reminds me, I have that armchair project holder to make.
The shops in the Northwest are providing all of the fabric to make the blocks from their stores. I should be able to get something done before guild on Thursday. Wednesday should be a lazy sort of day, I think.

I have to do a little backtracking to get to the shop at Perham, Bay Window Quilt Shop. This is a 2 level shop, and they have a block and quilt pattern for all of us shoppers! They have an eclectic mix of fabrics, which are separated into little rooms within the shop. Lots of samples made up and food and drink! What more could you ask.

The next shop, Back Porch Quilts,is in Detroit Lakes. It is a good thing that I know where this shop is. (GPS issues again). Even Google has a hard time finding this shop. This is a lovely shop, and they have tons of samples made up. Man I wish that I had the time to make even a little bit of this stuff. Nice selection of batiks and I find a couple more for my teal and brown quilt.

The Quilted Ladybug in Moorhead is shop number 5 today. From here on the trip will be more driving and less shopping for a while. This is a cozy little shop. Great sale on fat quarters for the shop hop! Again, lots of nice samples and everything is well displayed. Find some more batik and it is on to lunch, a little late at 2:30.

Going to take the fast lane to Grand Forks, actually East Grand Forks and take the interstate in North Dakota. Flat, flat, flat! All of you folks in central Iowa who think that your part of the country is flat, should see this! Seeing lots of small grain, probably wheat in the fields. When you sing about "amber waves of grain", this is it. The grain is like grass and when it is windy, it really does move like waves. Don't see much of this in Iowa or Nebraska any more. It's all corn and beans there. Farmers are out harvesting as well.

East Grand Forks and Quilter's Eden. Folks, if you are tired of looking a quilts and fabric, you can take a break after you shop at Quilter's Eden at the Cabela's across the street. This shop has lots of kits upstairs, so don't forget to go up there to look. There are lots of nice samples, most of which are hanging up, so don't be lookin' at your feet all the time.

The shop in Roseau, Quilt S'More is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the hop. Woohoo!! I can get one more shop in today. This shop has a couple of great quilts on the porch rail, as you can see in the picture. This shop also sells sewing machines including my favorite, Janome. They have an eclectic selection of fabrics and a good selection of samples including the quilts on the porch.

On to Warroad, where I will spend the night at a Super 8 and get ready for a early start in the morning.

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