Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, August 2 (Day 4)

I start the day at 10 am at the Quilter's Corner in International Falls. I must be half asleep because I didn't take a picture! This shop is in a little mall downtown. They have a very good selection of batiks. They also have numerous books and patterns on sale. They have several samples made with the shop hop fabrics and have kits for sale. Most of the shops do have kits made for the shop hop samples they display. Some of the quilts are originals, designed specifically for the hop.

The first stop after International Falls is Tower, and to North Country Quilts. This shop had all of the Quilt Minnesota samples in an ice house next to the shop. They had a really cute display. Unfortunately, the ice house does not show up well in the picture. They had a great display of samples on the front porch of their building, as you can see. I also have a nice lunch at the local cafe.

Next to Woodwards in the Thunderbird Mall in Virginia, This shop is combination bookstore and fabric and yarn shop. Another shop hopper and one of the shop employees were commenting on some of the hoppers who walk into a shop, get their passports stamped, pick up their block pattern and leave. Mention was made that the folks to do the whole state seem to do this. I am an ’all-stater’. I have seen lots of people who do this. They never look at anything in the store, just get stamped and leave. People, it is not all about the prizes! Stop being so greedy. Slow down and enjoy. Just my little rant for today!

The next stop is at another unique shop in Iron, Terri’s Treasures. This little shop is in a trailer home. It is small, but has an eclectic mix of fabrics and large number of bolts of fabric for sale, Quilt backs, anyone? This is such a cute little shop.

Chisholm is next on the list and the Quilt Shop of Chisholm. The shop has some really nice samples, including a cute little oriental wall hanging. This item is kitted, I get one. This should be quick to finish and would be great hanging on the wall in my dining room.

Quilts Around the Corner quilt shop in Hibbing is my next shop. This shop is a little hard to find the first time, as the turn is not well marked. They have a beautiful quilt hanging at the register that was made for a recent shop hop. I must have the pattern. It was gorgeous, and the pattern has directions for quilts of different sizes! I don’t have to do the math to change this quilt from a twin to a queen. I wish more designers would think about this. Terry Atkinson does a great job with her patterns

On to the shop in Nashwalk, The Quilting Patch. This is another smaller shop. They have some great samples with the shop hop fabrics. See into another ‘stamp and runner’. Cold water and cookies are another plus!

Last shop of the day is Hingley Road Quilt Shop in Floodwood. This shop is a large shop and they have lots of kits. They have a lot of batiks and a full selection of fabrics by Holly Taylor. Wide selection of fabrics including exclusive batiks and precuts.

I drive to Walker to spend the night at the Country Inn. Up early tomorrow, the hop in Walker opens at 9 am.

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