Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday, Aug 1 (Day 3)

Up a little early today, to try to do some blogging and sort through things in the van and organize a little bit. I would like to keep the patterns that I am getting organized by section and actually have the sections divided in my notebook. I do have the Metro area done, so I am that much further along from last year!

I am hoping that the shop in Warroad will open early today, because if it doesn't, I am only going to be able to get to 3 shops today and that is if I really haul ass. That plan was immediately shot all to hell by the detour just east of town., which means that I will not get to International Falls today! The detour will add about 1.5 extra hours of driving, so I have to make a different plan in a hurry.

The shop in Warroad, Northern Exposure Quilts is new to the hop this year. It is so new that it doesn't have a sign on the building yet. It is open early!! It is a cute little shop and has some great sample quilts, including a round one by the register. I like the potholders that they have made using the hop fabric and buy one of the kits.

On to the detour! Now what to do? I realize that trying to backtrack today is not going to work, so it looks like I am headed to Bemidji. On the way, I will stop at Anderson's Fabric Warehouse in Blackduck. The web site only lists the info about their decorating business, but they also have an area that carries quilt fabric, patterns and sewing supplies. The bus is here but they are leaving, talk about perfect timing! And they are going to Warroad, so even better.
This shop has lots of sample quilts and they also have upholstery good that you can purchase as well. Need to clue my youngest daughter (interior designer) in, maybe she can come with me next year.

Next to Emily's Country Cottage in Bemidji. As you could guess from the name, this shop has a country theme to the fabrics that they sell. They also sell other country related item. They usually have a great sales area downstairs, and a holiday themed area upstairs. I find a roll of fat quarters on sale for $25 and they have some coordinating fabric for a border and binding!

The shop in Deer River, Heart to Hand Quilt Shop is in a building that previously housed a church. So many quilt shops are doing a great job of re-purposing spaces. This shop has a great display area in what would have been the front of the church. I find some nice coordinating pinks for a project that I saw in a magazine that I would like to make. This is the first shop that I have been to in the northeast section.

The last shop for today is ABC's of Quilting in Grand Junction. This shop in an old school building along with other shops. I find a Laurel Burch fabric that would make a great bag for friend. This is a very nice little shop.

I do not have time to make it to Nashwauk today. Instead, I head to International Falls to spend the night and start my day tomorrow. And run into more detours. US 169 is being worked on. Now this is a divided 4 lane highway and one would think that the traffic would be detoured to one side of the divide with a single lane of traffic traveling in each direction. Seems logical, right? So what does MNDot do? They tear up both lanes of northbound traffic and make everyone drive on crushed rock for over 1/4 mile! What are they thinking or maybe were they thinking at all! Luckily it wasn't raining at the time! (It was raining further up the road and the road was paved!) Make it to International Falls and literally, fall into bed. I will need to push it tomorrow to be in the Twin Cities to meet my daughter on Wednesday.

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