Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 6: August 4

We arrived late to our hotel, Grand Superior Lodge, north of Two Harbors. If you go to the
web site, you can click on Lodging and Rates and click on the Lodge and then on the virtual tour and see some great pictures of the rooms, restaurant, etc. Mostly quiet (some people's children never learn about slamming doors!) and very restful. Maggie and I get a late start, but we do finally make it out of lodge.

First stop is at Quilt Corner in Beaver Bay. This is a very crowded shop. Maggie finds some kitchen towel decorated with the picture fabric from last years hop and it is on sale, so she picks some up to decorated some towels for herself. She wins a fat quarter by picking a purple Hershey's kiss out of the container. Some people have all the luck.

The small shopping center also contains a shop that has Christmas decorations. I collect tall, thin Santas and I do find a couple to add to the collection, one is on sale!

The final quilt shop for the day is Behind the Seams quilt shop in Silver Bay. Maggie finds some more fabric and announces that she is not going into any more quilt shops because she is buying too much. This shop has a good selection of sample to view and an eclectic mix of fabrics.

That's Maggie in picture of the shop. It is definitely not me!

We stop at the Split Rock Lighthouse which celebrating it's 100 Birthday! They have a video that is repeated every 30 minutes and is very informative. Maggie and I climb up in the lighthouse, no small feat for me, as I am afraid of heights. There is a great view from the top of the lighthouse. The park also has one of the keeper's home open for tour. One of the re-enactors is sewing using a treadle machine.

Picture of Maggie at the base of the lighthouse.

We arrive back at the lodge for a late lunch and nap. Man, I love vacations! I do have some time to take some pictures of the lodge and of the lake shore.

Gooseberry Falls State Park is just down the road so we make a quick drive to the park after a nap. It is sprinkling slightly, and when the sun comes out, there is a rainbow.

Back to the lodge for a great dinner and off to bed, we have an early start in the morning as we have to be back in Minneapolis by 4 pm. It's been a great day to kick back and enjoy some time with family!

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