Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day Two continues - All Iowa quilt shop hop

I will pick up where I left off with the previous post.  After leaving West Union, I drove to Postville to go to the Forest Mills Quilt Shop. The shop is actually out in the country, way out in the country.  I had to call twice to make sure that I wasn't lost!  Should have hooked up the GPS.  The shop is tucked back behind the trees and without the sign easy to miss.  Wide selection of fabrics and I did find some music themed fabric that my DD 1 had asked me to look for. This part of Iowa is hilly and rocky, more like parts of Minnesota that I have seen from that state-wide shop hop.  For a flatlander like me where I expect the roads to be straight and the intersect at right angles, this driving can be interesting!  I really enjoy it.

The next shop was Country Stitchin' near Waukon.  This is again, out in the country, but well marked and easy to find.  It is a pretty large shop with a wide selection of fabrics.  The gentlemen sitting on the bench in the front of the store was also at the previous shop but you can't see him in the picture.  At Forest Mills, he asked why I was taking pictures and I told him it was for my blog.  When I showed up at the shop in Waukon, he wanted to know if I wanted his picture again, so here he is.  He was traveling with a group of quilters who were traveling in the white van you see in the picture.

On to Decorah and to the Pine Needles Quilt Shop.  This shop used to be in Cresco and moved to Decorah. They have a very nice shop on the main downtown street.  Lots of room, lots of fabrics of all kinds, kits and precuts. The shop was a  American Patchwork and Quilting Shop Hop shop in the past as well.  

The last quilt shop for today is Quilter's Garden in downtown Cresco.  This smaller shop has quite a few panels and I find a panel of fabric that coordinates with some of the music themed fabric that I already have. Bonus points for me!  Eclectic mix of fabrics and very good service.

Time to stop shopping and start delivering!  I drop off the graduation stuff in Rochester and drive to Brooklyn Park to drop off the rocking chair, only to discover I was given the wrong chair!!??!!  Back home I go, will try to get this straightened out tomorrow.  Sunday hours for the hop are 11:00 to 4:00, so probably won't get to very many shops.  Monday I will need to buckle down and get busy getting to the shops!

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