Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Working on a mystery

I have not worked on a mystery quilt for a long time.  The local shop had mystery quilts in the past, and did make a couple of them, but not for several years.  I have been lurking on Bonnie Hunter's blog for a while and thought that I would try her new mystery, Orca Bay.  The color scheme appealed to me as I had lots of red and blue scraps.

I started working on the blocks this week, having been out of town over the weekend. I had picked out the strings earlier, as most of the other scraps went to a quilting friend who is working on a scrap quilt and needed "new" scraps.  I also had some trouble finding my black scraps, so had to go to the fat quarter drawers there.

Here is my box of blue strings.  My red box is waiting for it's clue to arrive.

The first ten of my black and white quarter square triangles.

Now, where did my specialty ruler go?  I moved my sewing/quilting room this summer and still have not found everything.  This is what I did.  I cut a 3 1/4 square diagonally twice and then took one of the triangles and measured it.  I then marked on of my small square rulers with tape (the one I used is made to avoid leaving residue on the ruler).  I now have my own ruler to use to cut my triangles out of strips.  I'm still keeping my eyes open for my 'real' ruler though.

I decided  to try a couple of the string blocks as well.  I used tissue paper, as I had a lot left over from a fall shopping spree.  One of the clothing stores that I shop at wraps the articles that you purchase in tissue before placing them in your bag, so I had lots of tissue.  Here are the first two samples.

After reading a couple of the blogs that used techniques that resulted in multiple blocks constructed at one time, here is my attempt.  I used a longer piece of tissue and made 3 blocks at once and then divided them.

I think that could work well if I did more than one block at time.  I have a Janome that cuts the thread which is very helpful with the string blocks.  I should be able to get caught up with the clues this weekend.   


Helen in the UK said...

Great job on the blocks so far. One thing to watch if making multiple blocks at once is that you might end up with tiny pieces in the corners when cut down which makes joining to other blocks harder :)

kelltrek said...

Thanks for the tip. I think that I will mark the position of the individual blocks on the tissue to help avoid that problem.

Candace said...

I love your blocks, the blues are so vibrant.

Ellen said...

You have made great progress on your blocks. I am looking forward to the next step being released tomorrow.