Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting back to blogging

Looking at all of the blogs that have been linked to the Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay Mystery has made me want to do some blogging again.  I don't do much that I think that anyone would find interesting and so I don't log on and blog much.  I have completed several quilts recently, some of which have been in the works for months.  It feels good to get the projects finished and really makes you want to get started with a new quilt.  I do need to get busy as I have a couple of gift quilts that need to be finished by the spring.

I did get one gift quilt out of the house over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I finished the quilt for my nephew and his wife and gave it to them when we were together over the weekend.  I hope they like it.  Most of the quilts that I give as gifts are scrappy.  This quilt was originally a kit for a double bed sized quilt, but I was able to squeeze a king sized quilt out of it.

This picture shows the quilt on a double bed.

My 88 year-old mom helped me get the last of the binding turned to the back and sewn on the quilt.

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Beth Ann said...

I think the quilt turned out great!