Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Madness Begins Again

The planning stages for participation in the 2009 Minnesota State Shop Hop have begun! I have worked out various routes for the days of the hop and hope to be able to complete the hop in 10 days or less. I have several routes plotted on my Garmin program and hope to be able to make a stop back home on Day 7 to do laundry, repack and attend my quilt guild meeting. We'll see how that goes, I tried that last year and it didn't work; ran out of time that day.

I am trying to be more organized this year, with a list of items that I am searching for and things that I need to finish current projects. Just finished printing a number of address labels to use for drawings, etc. It's quicker that writing everything out every time you need to register for something.

There is a little more driving this year, in 2007 when I did the entire hop, Crystal's Log Cabin Quilts in Grand Marais was not in the hop. Their addition is adding a little more driving, but should be worth doing, along the shores of Lake Superior.

The trip should be a little bit cheaper that last year as well, no $4 gas, at least I hope not.

I hope to be able to blog regularly about the trip, but this will depend on the availability of internet access in the hotel in the evenings. Most of the larger places have access, but some of the smaller motels and guest camps can be lacking in the electronic department.

More later as planning continues!

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