Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday, Aug 1 (Day 3)

Today will be a short one. I need to be in Nebraska to take my mother to a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Thus, I will only be able to hit the shops along Interstate 90 on my way west. I will be finishing the SE section today. The hop this year is basically backwards from my usual trip. I try to get to the shops that are the farthest away first and save the ones closest to home for the last. This year the ones around the city will be the last ones.

The Calico Hutch Quilt Shop in Hayward is the closest MN shop to were I start out today. This is a nice little shop, sells sewing machines and has a long arm on site. In other words, they do it all! Eclectic range of fabrics and they have some very nice samples made from the MN fabric, including a quilt by a shop designer.

The shop in Sherburn is in an old bowling alley, therefore the name Old Alley Quilt Shop. Again a garden and flowers. The folks here are very friendly and helpful. I really love it when old buildings can be re-purposed and given new life.

The next location on the list in Prairie Quilting in Windom. This shop is attached to a feed store! You can pick up fresh farm eggs and meat on the way out of the building. How's that for county ingenuity? The last couple of years this shop has been selling bag kits with the MN fabrics. They are very nice, with pockets for small items like phones and a strap to hold a water bottle upright. Shop is small and crowded, but the idea of the quilt shop/feed store is just to good!

Last shop today is Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shoppe in Worthington. This shop sells sewing machines as well as quilting supplies and fabric. They has tons of fabric and it is stacked a piled everywhere. The have some older basic fabrics, so if you need just a little bit more for a project, this would be the shop to call! They always have a great sale area, so be sure to check that out as well.

Off to Nebraska I go. Will catch up with the hop again on Tuesday.

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